15 Popular Types of Wood Used in the Construction Industry!

Trees and wood had a great role to play in our civilization. From tools to weapons and now to furniture, wood has been an integral part in our day to day lives. From then till now, it had always been about quality, availability and course cost. Now we are going to discuss the application of wood in construction. Let us now discuss those different types of wood and why wood deserves too much attention. 

There are broadly two categories, Softwood and Hardwood. Softwoods are from coniferous trees and occur in cold climates.  Let us now  see the types of softwood.

  1. Pinewood is soft, white and slightly yellowish and lightweight. It is used for indoor and outdoor furniture and even pavements. 
  2. Cedarwood is soft and red and is aromatic and resists decays and is therefore used as lining drawers, chests, and boxes.
  3. Firwood is the hard one among softwood and is used as raw form or as a painted surface.
  4. Sprucewood is strong and hard but cant hold and decays for long.
  5. Hemlock Wood is used for lumber, planks, doors, boards, joinery, subflooring and crates and are moderately strong.

Next comes the hardwood types obtained from deciduous trees.

  1. The teakwood is a popular one and is heavy, strong, durable, weather-resistant, warp-resistant, and does not decay easily.
  2. Rosewood is naturally strong aromatic one is strictly for musical instruments, piano cases, tool handles, art projects, decorative veneers.
  3. Oakwood is easy to work, heavy, strong, light-colored hardwood and is best for household and office furniture. 
  4. Maplewod is resistant to splitting and is highly durable and easy to clean. It is widely used for structural frames and steam bent furniture pieces.
  5. Mango wood is lighter than others and is water resistant. It is good for living room and bedroom furniture, nesting tables, entertainment units and bookshelves.
  6. Mahogany wood is an excellent carving wood and it doesn’t warp, swell, or shrink.
  7. Ash wood has got elasticity and strength and is for structural frames and steam bent furniture pieces.
  8. Cherry wood is hard, strong, warp-resistant, and closed grained wood and is easy to carve.
  9. Beech wood is not meant for prolonged use, but is easy to work.
  10. Walnut wood is excellent in wood working and is therefore expensive. 

Not all wood is the same, there are types to it and there are different applications to them. Know them before you use them.

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