7 innovative construction materials that could revolutionize the industry

The construction industry has gone through a lot in the years. And after all the changes, it has only got advanced every time. If you belong to this phenomenal industry, you should know the trending innovative construction materials in the market that could be the future of construction. Here are the 7 innovative construction materials that could revolutionize the industry.

  1. Translucent Concrete

The translucent concrete made with glass fibre optical strands that created a solid and perfect piece of block. Flooring and pavement are the two departments that can utilise translucent concrete to the fullest.

  1. SensiTile

SensiTile material is made from acrylic fibre- optic channels, the light gets transferred from one point to another. This on the floor, ceiling and even in bathrooms can show flickering of light channels making it look like its twinkling. It is beautiful as well as less expensive.

  1. Bendable Concrete

The normal concrete is forbidden to bend which is a known fact but this one is an exceptional exception. Made of fibres, this cement can resist cracking 500 times than normal concrete. It’s profitable, efficient and trustworthy.

  1. Flexicomb

Thousands of closely packed polypropylene tubes are bent to make this flexible honeycomb matrix called the Flexicomb. It works best for fixtures, furniture and sculptural installations and almost everything in construction.

  1. RichLite

RichLite can be mistaken for wood but is made of paper of which 70% is recycled paper. Paper gets mixed with resin and is baked into sold sheets. This material initially used for aerospace now fulfil all architectural purposes.

  1. Self Repairing Cement

This cement is made with microcapsules which give out glue-like epoxy resin that has the ability to heal cracks by itself. This controls their own temperature and saves energy and of course money because they can repair themselves.

  1. Carbon Fiber

Carbon fibre is known for its strong and lightweight nature. It is indeed 5 times stronger as steel and is two times rigid but only weights two-third of steel. The thin carbon strands are woven like cloth and are moulded to any desired shape. Plus all these properties, the carbon fibre is also flexible making it suitable for constructions exposed to hurricanes and tornadoes.

These are just a few suggestions from our side because there are many and you can simply find it if you want to. Materials nowadays serve several purposes without fail bringing profit to the builder and well as the owner of the property. Choose according to the purpose 

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