Choosing Wall Types: Gypsum Board Benefits

The beautiful inside of your four walls is your personal space and is your world. So choosing a right wall panel is quite a task. And for making this special space beautiful and long lasting, there are many options available. Plywood, fiberwood, hardboard, and gypsum are great options with qualities that will serve as the good wall material. Let us discuss every aspects of Gypsum boards including flexibility, cost, convenience, and finishing.

To start with, let us talk about the flexibility of the gypsum board over other components as a wall material. Gypsum board is easier and faster than other materials to fix as the interior wall. While plaster application may take more than a week, the gypsum material only takes a day or two. Be it office spaces or warehouses or schools, gypsum boards are so appropriate.

Next is about the fire resistance property of Gypsum board. Certain preventive measures for hazardous disasters should be taken care of even before the construction is being done. Fire resistance is one of the main, and should be in attention during the designing and planning of your building. Gypsum Board is an excellent fire resistance material.  Also a vinyl covered gypsum board with a polystyrene core, is a standard wall panel, known as Class A. It is indeed combustible but has the lowest flame spread.

Sound Dampening is the next property. In addition to being a fire resistant wall material, the gypsum board also qualifies as a great sound dampening material. Well, before choosing the material of the wall, you should be clear about what purpose the room is going to share. If it’s a conference room, you’ll have to make sure the sound from the outside is absorbed. When it comes to Gypsum it does a fantastic job of reducing sound transmission on its own.

Lastly but importantly, the Cost. Compared to any wall materials, Gypsum is a mineral that occurs commonly and has been used for centuries. All you need is water, gypsum and a few additives for a gypsum board and it hardens on its own. So as the ingredients are readily available and the making process is simple the manufacturing cost of Gypsum is anyway less than the other materials. And as the durability of Gypsum board is high, even the maintenance cost will not bother you.

So why think twice? Your walls deserve Gypsum boards!

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