Coronavirus: Honeywell launches new solutions to improve building environments

Safety and hygiene are the two criteria the whole world is striving to make sure. Be it any department, not a single sector is going to succeed without these two factors. Therefore, every plan now made is going to be a new but experimental plan. The world is recovering and not giving up. Some are making their own plans while some are taking inspiration. Among those, we can certainly take some positive and smart inspiration from Honeywell. Let us discuss how they are now back in business full-fledged.

The core need was to maintain hygiene and social distancing in the working environment for the safety of workers. Honeywell has launched its safety protocol to operate more cleanly and safely, comply with social distancing policies, and help reassure occupants that it is safe to return to the workplace. This time they have compiled air quality, safety and security technologies with the help of advanced technology and analytics to develop an integrated solution for the owners to work with their employees risk free. And this has helped them to monitor building environment and building occupants’ behaviour.

With the implementation of this new set of solutions, the owners can have more control over critical health, safety and security factors to encourage sustained compliance with changing building standards, safety guidelines, government-issued regulations and a company’s risk management policies. This has also provided transparency into a building’s health status to its occupants.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the culture of how buildings are managed by making apparent the need to ensure health and well-being in all aspects of our lives,” said Vimal Kapur, president and CEO of Honeywell Building Technologies. “Honeywell has developed outcome-based solutions that allow building owners to transparently address how they limit exposure to and the spread of viruses while supporting their business continuity needs in an uncertain environment. We’re giving them the data they need to confidently reassure their employees to accelerate their business operations.”

Along with this incredible innovative solution the company has also developed an Environment Control System Health check that allows airlines to quickly use aircraft data and advanced analytics to control for and make sure the healthy air quality in the cabin. Moreover, it’s applying the Honeywell Forge platform to help customers operate their buildings, factories, warehouses, supply chains, and aircraft more efficiently and in ways that promote the health and safety of occupants, workers, and passengers.

Honeywell is indeed an inspiration we all need!

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