Dubai Investments’ firms continue production of construction materials

It is work in progress time for all departments and we could not be anymore happier. The pandemic hit us unalarmed and here we are making our speedy recovery. Initially like every other place Dubai also faced its own challenges but has now managed to make a great comeback. And like every other, the construction industry in Dubai seems to have made a good margin of progress as months passed by. The progress has now reached where Dubai construction sector has continued production of construction materials obeying all the government rules amidst the pandemic.

Let us see how this new norm worked and will continue to work.

Sustainable development has always been on the list and the new criteria will make sure it is indeed the priority. The initiative has been taken with supporting local production and procurement to persuade competitiveness and achieving sustainable development during these unfortunate times. Not only that, as years have passed by even the government has also supported the manufacturing sector with various prompting packages. But as things turn around favourable to the sector, the government believes it is the perfect time to launch and promote the ‘Made in UAE’ products.

Along with the advances made to provide innovative concepts to glass solutions, premium quality glass solutions are being initiated by the Dubai investments companies in order to meet the local needs. Delivery commitments are safely handled by companies even during the pandemic.

Larger scale investment has been adopted to infrastructure and healthcare sectors have guaranteed consistent local demand for steel structures and Pre Engineered Building (PEB) in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Even the production lines are being run efficiently and effectively, adhering the local requirements and without compromising the momentum to keep the industrial segment active.

While the production of the construction materials continues the issues to be addressed are timely availability of materials, improved competitiveness and meet project timelines and timely delivery of projects. These steps have eventually benefited the local economy and helped to maintain provocation around UAE’s most significant sector, giving a boost to the local construction industry while we fight the deadly pandemic.

Even during the pandemic, the government has found a way out to restore the economy and construction industry in UAE. They have put a lot of effort in addressing and resolving all the issues along and set up a good model for the rest of the world. The same is being expected from every part of the world to improve their own state.

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