Everything You Need to Know about Gypsum Boards!

When you are building your dream house, why do you have to settle for the initial materials that come to your mind. Why don’t you research the possibilities of existing materials too and then come to a conclusion. A material has to be attractive and functional and that is all that matters. Plus it has to be positive on important aspects like cost, flexibility and fire resistance. Well, there is one such material that matches all these conditions and that is Gypsum boards. Some of you might know and some of you might be hearing about Gypsum board for the first time. Anyway, we are discussing Gypsum Boards and a deeper view of the material.

The Gypsum board has a non combustible core made of gypsum material. A large group of products comes under this gypsum panel products category with the same core, to be used in building and construction. But the surface can be of paper and fibreglass mats. Such gypsum walls are also called drywall, wallboards or plaster board. Their joints and fastener heads are covered with a joint compound system, gypsum wallboard creates a continuous surface suitable for a variety of interior designing projects, both residential and commercial purposes. Only the purpose can decide the type of gypsum board you require.

Gypsum boards differ with their thickness. And you can also get customised Gypsum Boards id the standard size is not appropriate. You can get rounded, tapered, bevelled, square-edged, and tongue & groove shaped edges for Gypsum boards which the square and tapered edge are most common.

The gypsum wall covered with ivory cardboard can be used as a material for walls, ceiling and partition walls and is best for false ceilings. Gypsum, considering its fire resistant quality is used for commercial spaces and is good for ceiling and drywall and will be covered with pink. If green covering is present then it would go for covering material for interior walls. This also fights surface indentation, abrasion, and penetration than standard gypsum panels. Gypsum boards are also qualified for undersides of eaves, canopies, carports, and other commercial and residential exteriors. At the same time, the aluminium foil laminated ones work as vapour barriers.

There could be a book written on Gypsum boards so this is all for now. Now you know these many types are available in the market, pick one wisely.

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