Find out how digital technology is changing the construction industry

The digital world has spared no industries from evolving. It had only benefited every industry positively and we couldn’t be happier. While the retail, manufacturing, agriculture industries made the best out of the digital equipment, it was the construction industry which is stubborn to adapt to this transformation. It is so stubborn that the last evolution happened decades ago. But even though slow, even the construction industry is also making its baby steps into the digital world.

Urbanisation holds a  good share in making the digital transformation of the construction industry. There is a growing amount of construction required for hospitals, roads, schools, power plants and more now along with the houses. While there is more demand, productivity is going down as it is difficult to find real talent. Next is the resources, which are being exploited with a lot of waste production. Last but very significant is climate change which is the product of urbanisation. While all these are coexisting, do they actually make living easier? The answer is no. But the digital world can help you to go through this.

Time management comes first and what’s better than digital technologies to make this happen. With the help of a smartphone, the employers can contact each other, share briefs and monitor the work. Sending pictures would help to verify and inspect. There are special apps to make an organisation work with which every employee can see the changes in real time.

Along with monitoring the project, there is an equal relevance in managing the staff as well. You can use software and GPS tracking to schedule and direct them to work by their deadlines. Digital collaboration has enabled transparency in every stage of the project and also helped to track the progress and performance.

The arrival of BIM(Building Information Modelling) has actually modelled the construction industry in a very intelligent way. 3D models are being made to make it look real and is also realtime for everybody to access and get updated on the modifications. Then comes Augmented Reality which is real helpers in predicting the preventable hazards. On the whole, the very happening Artificial Intelligence has made it the easiest when it comes to predicting using the collection of data. Productivity and safety now go hand in hand.

The changes are inevitable and have now started questioning your existence. Cost, collaboration, time and efficiency and more demands digital participation and it’s high time you either switch to a digital world or your business expires in no time.

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