Is Bio-cement the future of building materials?

Sustainability has always been something to look forward to, especially in construction. By the evolution of the technologies the construction industries now have all the assistance it needed from a long time ago. One of such blessings is the inventory of bio cement which is literally a miracle. Bio cement which can heal itself is going to be the future of sustainable construction. Bio cement is a win for biology and engineering. This invention has the biological properties of microorganisms to its fullest. The result of the experiment came out as a unique building solution called bio cement. Eventually, bio cement came up acquiring the properties to heal itself from cracks and fractures. The invention was inspired by the properties of bacteria ‘Bacilla Filla’. This bacterium reacts to changes in pressure in the environment around it by “producing” calcium carbonate molecules. The researchers thought of utilising these properties to develop a material capable of detecting changes in pressure and which had the ability to emit a sticky substance. And when

it was applied to engineering, the need was to invent a cement which could repair itself after accidents.

Working of Biocements

It all started from a common intestinal bacterium, Escherichia Coli. As the first step, they identified the genes of the bacterium that respond to changes in pressure in the environment. Then, the researchers modified the DNA of these genes by inserting a fluorescent protein. Finally, the fluorescent protein got replaced with a sticky substance which was very similar to that emitted by Bacilla Filla. The team finally obtained bio cement, a living building material capable of reacting to stress independently of human intrusion.

For now, bio cement has only been used for laboratory tests and is not ready to be used for construction right now. But, in the future, it could become a very effective weapon for the construction of earthquake-proof buildings. This is going to be a major step in the construction industry and also eco-friendly construction processes. The binding agent invention called the bio cement seems to be very effective but also cost-friendly plus when it comes to existence it is going to save you a lot of money. This also ensures safety post-construction and can save you from costs after the construction is being done. Anyway, let us look forward to a future where more of these sorts of inventions are made possible to make everything look and work easier.

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