Material management in construction: most common challenges

The phenomenal industry of construction and development solely depends on teamwork because that builds the base of the building industry and probably any industry. After teamwork comes the material management which is also practical when there’s teamwork. You’ll need a plan, then execute it and it must be controlled as well. It is not at all easy as it sounds.

Let us look into the common challenges faced in construction when it comes to material management.

  1. Selecting of Material

Normally the contractors do not directly deal with a manufacturer, instead deals with a material supplier. Selecting is crucial because price reduction is important, but since they are construction materials, you can’t compromise with quality, so high price is also considered if the supplier has a proper word record. It is also important to get the proposals from suppliers completed on time.

Sometimes, the contractor can directly deal with the manufacturer if mentioned in the contract but not in the case when the supplier has got a markup price. But the contractor can still request bids from other makers. And if the requested quantity is small but not calculable, there will be delays in making and supplying.

  1. Procuring Materials

Once the materials are selected, it will be time for getting them materials delivered and for this, the contractor has to follow up regularly. In most firms, first, there will be a request sent as a form asking for materials to be delivered at a particular time. On larger firms, the site workers will pass the request to the purchasing department. To avoid materials becoming surplus, only the eighty per cent of the materials are asked to deliver first and the rest are requested to deliver when the work comes to closure. Preassembly enables embody enhanced production time and lesser labour prices as compared to assembly within the field wherever poor climatic conditions and area limitations could cause work delays.

  1. Storage and Handling of Jobsite

Material tracking, storage problems, material distribution, and re-handling are the issues faced by contractors at the duty site. Tracking materials will avoid theft of the materials when the materials are delayed to reach the site and when it is being stored. Sometimes, the material would lose its quality while stored or sometimes get damaged while transporting and when the materials are returned there will be no refund most times. This would cause some serious delays if the requirement is for the now.

Material handling has never been an easy task and these are just a few. Hire a good team to care for these kinds of encounters that will delay the work in future.

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