Six Ways Covid-19 Could Impact Building Construction

COVID-19 spared no one. The global pandemic has affected everybody on earth and every sector of society. The world was hit by the fatal virus a few months back and we are yet to relieve from the shock. Among many sectors that faced the sudden fall, the construction and engineering sector is one of the main. While most of the sectors afforded to be working under this pandemic peacefully, the job nature of the construction industry held back and is almost ruined.

  • Health and Safety of the Employees

The construction industry is a contact industry, where to be accurate, work from home is not at all possible. While a lot of basic level employees are ready to come to work, their health remains the main concern and is the reason why the construction industry is strangled by this pandemic.

  • Material Delays

Material delay is worse than anything when it comes to construction as most of the material is imported from different places and even different countries. Projects are stagnated due to this.

  • Edgy Clients and Lenders

Unfortunately every single person is worried and so are the clients and lenders. Price of the materials are increasing and therefore fluctuation in wages resulting in no workers coming to the site, clients are forced to call off their project.

  • Travel Ban

It is literally impossible to build roads and buildings without physical contact of workers. Getting the local workers back on track is the only solution possible right now.

  • Legal Issues

Hard to accept, but legal issues are linked anyway. Contractors are the category of people getting pressurized on this issue. Apparently, despite the pandemic, the contractors are to complete the projects on time.

  • Uncertainty spread globally

What’s worse than having uncertainties for everything. The pandemic has really left every one of us in despair. You have no idea what all these are going to become. You are no more sure of the outcomes. The economy is no more moving , it has become still since the pandemic.

The construction industry is about time and money. Unfortunately, they are not in good terms now. The project managers are trying their best to make long term plans and short term to finally make this work. Let’s hope for the best!

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