Three Strategies to Improve the Wellness of Building Systems and Gain Tenant Trust

COVID 19, the deadly pandemic, not only hit the world one strong time and left in trouble, but also made us realise and prioritise a few things. The virus is indeed dangerous but not impossible to fight. And many sectors including the construction sectors after a long break are making a come back. The healthiest working environments are being prioritised to bring the trust of tenants back!

Air Quality

Air Quality has been a concern even before the Corona virus made its debut. To the tenants to occupy a particular building, they need to trust the projects as ones with a healthy space. Inorder to make sure of this, the ventilations systems and air quality is at its best. Few measures will make sure this is completely possible. By increasing the amount of outdoor air circulating in the apartments, the airborne contaminants can be diluted and the disease transmission can be reduced. And to trap pathogens, air filters can be implemented, but not sure if the coronavirus can be rapped as it is extremely small. Upper air UV C fixtures can be employed to reduce microbes and destroy time infectious agents present in the air.

Relative Humidity

Luckily, the coronavirus won’t survive in humid conditions. So increasing the indoor humidity and temperature will stop the entering of infectious agents into the home. Well, this is believed to help for now, but we need to come up with proper strategies post COVID 19. And the current decision is to regulate the indoor humidity by 40% – 60%.


Commissioning should be done before any operator decides to make changes to the mechanical systems of their building. This is because this will be considered as a proof that the buildings equipment are properly functioning and obeys the public health considerations.

We are very positive about making a comeback and would do anything that will ensure safety. We are ready to work and are expecting everybody else to do the same!

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